How To Convert Your IBC’s Cryptocurrency in to Fiat Currency

A lot of OCI clients use Offshore Companies to (privately and or tax effectively) Trade (or to Invest in) Cryptocurrency.




Because if you set up a tax-free Offshore Company as your Bitcoin Investment/Trading vehicle before you start buying then any Capital Gain realised when you sell your Bitcoin/s could potentially be realised free from tax.


Are you one of those lucky people?


With the value of Bitcoin having risen steadily over the past year you may be thinking it’s a good time to cash out all of (or perhaps a part of) your Offshore Company’s Bitcoin (“BTC”) Holdings.


This article deals with ways that one might discreetly offload BTC assuming at the time of sale your Cryptocurrency is held/owned by a nil tax Offshore Company.


The easy way historically has been to convert Bitcoin to Fiat Currency using a Licensed Cryptocurrency Exchange (eg Binance, Bitmex, Huobi Global etc) and then have the Exchange send the Fiat Currency to your Offshore Company’s Bank Account.


One of the challenges you will face using such a service however is that many banks won’t accept monies coming from a Cryptocurrency Exchange.


What you might want to do then (ie rather than engaging an Exchange to convert your Cryptocurrency to Fiat currency) is sell your cryptocurrency via a Peer to Peer Introducer (here is one such example: )


Here’s how that could/would work:


  • You/your Company would appoint a law firm to act as an Escrow Agent (or you could appoint a specialist Escrow Service Provider).
  • The buyer pays his fiat currency into your law firm’s Trust Account (also known as a Client Account) or into the Trust Account of your Escrow Service Provider.(The buyer’s funds are held in Escrow).
  • Once you have confirmation that the Law firm/Escrow Provider has received the payment from the Buyer and his funds have cleared you then transfer the Cryptocurrency from your wallet to the buyer’s wallet.
  • You provide proof to the Law Firm/Escrow Provider that the payment of Cryptocurrency has been sent from your wallet to the Buyer’s wallet.
  • The Law Firm/Escrow Provider then transfers the Fiat currency to your nominated bank account.


You would obviously have to pay a fee to the Peer to Peer provider for arranging the introduction.


Another way to convert BTC quickly into Fiat currency is electronically utilising specialized service providers eg someone like Metal Pay or Wirex or Revolut etc. (Check this article for details:,can%20withdraw%20from%20an%20ATM. )


Obviously whichever method/service/service provider you use you’ll want to do you Due Diligence before engaging them.


Given the Crypto sector in many parts of the world is still unregulated you’ll want to ensure ideally that you’re dealing with a licensed professional establishment, with a proven track record of meeting their obligations.


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Disclaimer: OCO Ltd are not Tax advisers or Legal Advisers. You should seek local tax, legal and financial advice before committing to set up an Offshore Corporate or Fiduciary Entity.