IBC & Anonymous Offshore Account Packages

Many people who set up Offshore or International Business Companies (“IBCs”) have good reasons for wanting to keep ownership of their IBC (and offshore assets) quiet.


For some it’s to avoid offending a sensitive commercial relationship, for others it’s about keeping big brother at arm’s length, for many it’s about keeping a greedy ex-wife (and/or that ambulance chasing litigation lawyer) away from your hard earned!


Sure there are ways to build bullet proof layers around your Offshore assets (particularly via layered, multi-jurisdictional structuring) but not everyone has the time or money to pursue such a program.


Hence we offer an Offshore Privacy Package for the budget conscious which includes:

  1. A Full Nominee Seychelles or Belize IBC; &
  2. An Offshore bank account in a Privacy Haven complete with anonymous debit card (ie no individual’s name appears on the card).

For more information on the Full Nominee Seychelles IBC Click Here

For more information on the Full Nominee Belize IBC Click Click Here




We offer 2 options in terms of confidential offshore accounts as part of this package:


    1. Nameless Company Card Option


Normally when you open a bank account for your Company and apply for a card you have to tell the bank the name of the person who will be holding the Company Credit or Debit Card. Several banks offer a full Corporate Bank Account (ie including Internet banking + ATM Card) PLUS a Nameless Company Card Option ie where the name of the Company appears on the card NOT your name.  


Features of this product include:

      • Availability of online brokerage account (ideal say for currency/forex trading)
      • Anonymous Debit or Credit Card
      • Application time only 4 to 6 weeks


B. Nameless Loadable Platinum Master card Option


With this particular product for maximum privacy (instead of your name) you can have the words “World Traveller” printed on the card with no personal information included in the magnetic strip.Other features of this product include:

  • No minimum or maximum limits
  • Available in USD, Euro and GBP
  • Available with personal name only or company name only or both company and personal name
  • No point of sale transaction fees (2% ATM Maestro/Cirrus fees apply)
  • No load fees

Price: Full Nominee Belize or Seychelles IBC + Anonymous account: $1990


If you would like more information about our Offshore Privacy Package product please Contact Us