Who We Are

Offshore Companies international  is a cutting edge International Corporate Services firm – owned and staffed by experienced members of the Legal, Financial, Business, Education and Science Professions – who have resolved to fill a gap in the web-based market by providing quality focussed Offshore Company, International Trust and Private Foundation formation solutions (at a value for money price).

Our Mission:

  • (a) To provide you with the Corporate structure most likely to protect your ownership privacy having regard to your personal circumstances; and
  • (b) To provide you with after sales service that is so consistently good that you will want to remain a customer for life (& recommend your family and friends to us regularly).

AND as proof of our commitment to quality service we will refund your money in full if you are not completely satisfied with our service.

  • Where Did This Mission Come From?

From late 2000 until early 2011 our Client Services Head owned and managed a leading IBC production house which specialized in supplying Company Retailers. Armed with this experience, and after talking to a plethora of Offshore Company owners in a concerted bid to try to find out what they wanted (but weren’t getting), one thing became glaringly obvious: That, where online shoppers are concerned, there is almost a complete absence of quality providers in the market place.


Most online shoppers are looking for zero tax IBCs, anonymous offshore companies or asset protection solutions. Sure there are plenty of firms on the web who will sell you an Offshore Company or an IBC. But how many have the experience, the knowhow or the professionalism to provide reliable, privacy assured, tax effective Offshore Company Management solutions? Not many that we could see.Hence the idea of establishing a quality online-based Offshore Company, Trust and Foundation retailer was born.


  • The Importance of Professional Structuring

With all Tax Havens having been forced to sign a minimum of 12 Tax Information Exchange Agreements with OECD member states the chances of underlying ownership of your offshore company being discovered have increased significantly. It is still possible to do tax-free business offshore; However, these days, unless you want to risk major legal penalties (including, potentially, imprisonment), you need to be 100% sure that you are structured correctly. Sophisticated (ideally multi-jurisdictional) Offshore Corporate structuring is now required… and with a combined 30 years + of Offshore Account establishment, Offshore Account, Offshore Company, Trust & Foundation establishment (& management) experience the OCI team has the know-now to deliver.


  • Our Service Philosophy

Our owners, having been in the professional corporate services business for a long time, have seen a dramatic shift in the balance of power as between consumer and merchant,particularly of late. The days of building a business to satisfy the owner’s needs are dead. Successful business in the present era is all about listening to what the customer wants and then building a product (and a way of delivering that product) that consistently delivers to the customer exactly what he or she is looking for.


OCI is not balance sheet focussed and has no specific financial targets. We believe that if we listen to clients and focus on providing them with what they want consistently that our business will grow organically over time.


In our philosophy:

  1. The customer is king
  2. The customer is always right (even though he or she may be occasionally wrong)
  3. The customer always gets what he or she wants even if it’s inconvenient for us to meet that requirement.

For example some clients prefer to communicate via secure encrypted server to server based email eg safe-mail or hushmail. Many offshore company providers won’t communicate this way as it means more work for them. We are not one of them. And because some clients need service or advice urgently we don’t switch off our mobile phones once traditional office hours are over. That tells you a lot about our unwavering commitment to giving the customer exactly what he or she wants.


  • Our Quality AssuredService System

For maximum speed and to minimise the chance of mistake we use tailor-made software to produce Incorporation packs:

  1. Company/Trust etc specifications are entered in a central database
  2. All Data entries are cross checked by a second person to minimise the chance of errors
  3. Corporate documents are produced at the click of a button without the need for manual typing
  4. A Manager quality checks all Corporate documents for accuracy before they are dispatched


  • To make sure that no job is ever overlooked and to ensure that delivery deadlines are met:
  1. Every job is electronically logged with a completion time/date noted
  2. The GM reviews the job log four times each day
  3. Service managers are empowered to require staff to work overtime if there is a risk of a deadline not being met; AND
  4. If there is a lot of work to be done the managers will themselves join the production line to help ensure you get what you need when you need it!


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