Company / Foundation Management & Optional Services

Establishing an Offshore Company (or Trust or Foundation) is in many ways like setting up a new computer. You can either choose a basic model or have one created with as many special features as you like so as to suit your specific needs.


To give you the greatest range of choice possible – and because for many clients it is important for legal reasons that their Offshore Company or Trust (or Foundation) is seen to be managed and controlled from offshore – we offer a range of Additional Offshore Services.


What additional services should you choose and why?


One of the great advantages of setting up a Company Offshore is that it gives you the ability to operate in an environment of maximum secrecy


If you want to keep ownership of your Company a private matter as between yourself and your professional advisers, then you may wish to choose to install, from the outset, additional Offshore services to enhance your privacy and to make your company run as efficiently as possible.


Please note that each of the services listed below are optional extras which can be installed either at the time that you order your Offshore Company or afterwards, as needed.


Additional Offshore Services Offered for Companies include:

We also offer the following additional offshore services for Trusts & Private Interest Foundations

If you’re not sure of what you might need by of additional services our friendly Professional Staff are always here to help you. Please contact us should you have any queries of if you’d like to know more.


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