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My experience with Patrick Flynn from Offshore Companies International has been nothing short of remarkable! This is the first time I have written a review or a testimonial, but feel that credit should be rightfully given when it’s due.  Let us start by stating that Patrick Flynn and his team have proven over and over to me the true distinction between professionals and fly-by-night companies.  He is a much needed breath of fresh air in this sometimes swindled world of offshore providers and practitioners.  One would be hard pressed to find a better firm than OCI in our opinion to be able to understand and solve any of your corporate structuring needs.  Pat Flynn has set a new standard in the offshore world and we would challenge any others to find another firm to compete with this level of ethics.


My firm’s situation was rather unique in that we needed more than a simple corporate entity setup. We needed professional consultation, assistance, and a tightly designed structure to properly secure our trading company from onshore directive and interference, while at the same time providing a compliant corporate structure for our shareholders and prospective shareholders to allow us to achieve our goals.  Patrick has gone above and beyond and has solved for us in a couple of months, what we were trying to accomplish for over a year. He has designed an intricate structure and system for us, which allows us to run the first phase of our business without giving rise to sleepless nights. Our only regret is that we wish we had found him and his firm sooner than we did as we would have saved a lot of time, money and frustration spent on the many other offshore providers we attempted to use who kept falling short of producing what we were trying to accomplish.


If you are you like me and have been frustrated with offshore providers who fall short in the support department, then look no further than Pat Flynn and Offshore Companies International. Most of us know (or will come to learn) that this is a very specialized field where clients often need continuous support and assistance.  With Patrick’s firm, you will receive quick and personalized attention to your unique situation and you can rest knowing your affairs are being handled by a true professional.  We highly recommend people not to “shop” for providers, or try to look for the “cheapest” firm because based on my experience (we have been through the hands of 4 offshore providers in one year) it doesn’t get better than this. Pat Flynn is my only recommendation to business associates and our shareholders. We will continue to work with Patrick’s firm in the future, and already have initial plans for his assistance in the second phase of our business. Not only is Pat professional and responsive, but he is very creative and good at thinking out of the box. Patrick himself is an absolute pleasure to work with on a personal level, and he takes great pride in his company, and ensuring his clients are always satisfied. This is a rare find in our opinion in this industry. Although many things are out of his control, his guarantee to us from day 1, was to under-promise, and over-deliver, and he did just that. I can without a shadow of doubt very comfortably recommend Offshore Companies International , and would gladly serve as a reference when needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.




Kilmick Trading S.A.



To Whom it may concern,


I have come to know and experience Patrick Flynn’s Offshore Company Formation services since late 2008.  During that time I can attest that I have experienced the most professional and swift service I’ve yet experienced in the offshore company and banking arena.


Whether it be basic company formation or elaborate managed fund structures, Patricks knowledge and experience as a corporate lawyer and offshore specialist shines through. All emails are answered swiftly and concisely, usually within hours and company formations are completed within days with each step usually completed inside of 24 hours, the notice of which is immediately provided.


Having experienced other offshore corporate services from several other providers over my years in the business, I can attest that the service received from Patrick is not only superior in terms of quality and timeliness, but also the prices represent considerable value for money.


These were the main reasons I elected to work with Patrick to establish some corporate formations as well being a professional intermediary. He has provided my clients with the same consistently excellent and prompt service. Any issues are promptly dealt with and due the close banking relationship he’s established,  even the usually tricky business of establishing accounts has been made simple and efficient with a great deal of the banking application pre-completed. The balance of the task made simpler by way of the precise instruction included.


For anybody considering the building of a long term professional corporate services relationship, I can not recommend Patrick’s service highly enough and his company truly provides a standard of client service that is the benchmark by which others be measured by.



Adam Liddiard

Gallant Financial Inc



As the CEO of Global Wealth Education Ltd a large international financial education company and investors club, I need to be very cautions of any recommendations we make to our thousands of members world-wide regarding products and services, so we conduct our due diligence by using the products and services our selves first then if it meets our expectations and delivers what we need then I will pass it on the rest of our members with confidence. When it came to selecting a new company for our international structuring needs I did as very cautiously as there are many companies offering similar products but most fall down on service after the sale. In the case of Pat Flynn’s Offshore Companies International they listed the following as what sets them apart from other companies


  1. We don’t just sell Offshore Companies, we assist/ teach our clients how to use their company to get maximum value/profit from the experience (& that we are there for the client at every step of the journey inc provision of back up, after sales assistance to ensure that the client really knows how to use his/her IBC from a practical perspective).
  2. That the service is more than prompt
  3. That we are highly professional yet easy to understand – no jargon, You Don’t need a Dictionary to talk to us
  4. That we offer more than the rest e.g. access to reliable Offshore Investments and Fund Managers
  5. That we offer a good choice of solid, privacy orientated nil tax jurisdictions plus advice on which jurisdiction will best suit the client’s needs
  6. That the price represents good value for money.


All the above have been delivered in our association with them and I have had no hesitation in recommending Pat’s services to our clients and friends. It’s refreshing to see service is not dead and there are still some businesses “who walk the talk”.
John Vasta

CEO Global Wealth Education Ltd


My experience with Pat and OCI has been so easy and effortless – but that’s what everyone will say because of this team. The really special part for me is the breadth of legal knowledge and consulting you receive regarding your specific situation at the beginning of the relationship and all the way through. That is priceless.

BM – Founder


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