The Self-Managed Seychelles IBC

The self-managed Seychelles IBC is one of our best-selling packages as its quick and easy (and inexpensive) to establish and maintain and even easier to use!


A self-managed IBC is one where you act as Shareholder and Director and take all action for and on behalf of the company following incorporation.


This structure suits the kind of person who simply needs an Offshore company with some ownership privacy (in Seychelles there is no public register of Shareholders - For more details on the benefits of the Belize IBC Click Here) but who doesn’t want or need the hassle of going through a Professional “Nominee” Director every time he or she needs a document signed.


Having said that if you live in a country that has the power to tax an Offshore Company which is seen to be managed and controlled from onshore then you would be wise to consider engaging a Professional “Nominee” Director (at least – there are more extensive legal protections available – Contact Us  for details) in order to minimise the chances of your IBC ever being taxed onshore.


The Self-Managed IBC Package


Includes :

  • Registered Office service
  • Registered Agent service
  • Annual government fee 1st year
  • Incorporation Fee
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Registry sealed/stamped Memorandum of Association
  • Registry sealed/stamped Articles of Association
  • Director’s Appointment Resolution
  • First Directors Meeting Resolution
  • Share Certificate
  • Certified True Copy of all Documents
  • Courier delivery fee
  • Safe custody of company books
  • Set up and first year’s admin



On call consultancy service for 12mths.

Phone/email us anytime during the course of the first year for advice on how to use your company.


Price (all inclusive)


All Prices expressed in US Dollars


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For more information on the Self-Managed Seychelles IBC please Contact Us