The Belize Managed Seychelles IBC

If you live in a country that has the power to tax any Offshore Company which is seen to be managed and controlled from onshore (and/or if you want to keep details as to the underlying ownership of your IBC as quiet as possible) then you would be wise to consider establishing an IBC with a Full Nominee Service.


Even better still you might want to consider setting up an IBC in one Tax Haven which is managed & controlled from a second Tax Haven (the more hurdles you make them jump over the harder it is for vultures to attack your hard-earned!).


Hence a lot of our clients choose to set up a Seychelles IBC with a Belize IBC as its Director because:

  • Seychelles and Belize IBC laws boast peerless privacy features
  • By spreading your structure across two jurisdictions (which are geographically a huge distance apart) you make it twice as hard for anyone:
    (a) trying to find out who actually owns your IBC
    (b) trying to attack your assets;
  • Having a Belize IBC as Director (as opposed to a natural person) creates a third set of privacy barriers for any would be vulture to jump across
  • Neither Belize nor Seychelles have signed Tax Information Exchange Agreements with any of the major players.

For more details on the benefits of the Seychelles IBC Click Here

For more details on the benefits of Belize Seychelles IBC Click Here


The Belize Managed Seychelles IBC


This package includes:

  1. A Corporate Nominee Company Director (incorporated in Belize)
  2. An agreement appointing you as consultant to represent the company
  3. Nominee Shareholder
  4. Maintenance of share registers
  5. Maintenance of asset registers
  6. Mail receiving and forwarding
  7. Fax receiving and forwarding



  1. Registered Office service
  2. Registered Agent service
  3. Annual government fee 1st year
  4. Incorporation Fee
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  7. Director’s Appointment Resolution
  8. First Directors meeting minute
  9. Share Certificate
  10. Certified True Copy of all Documents
  11. Courier delivery fee
  12. Safe custody of company books
  13. Set up and first year’s admin



On call consultancy service for 12mths!

Phone/email us anytime during the course of the first year for advice on how to use or manage your company




All inclusive

$ 1750

All Prices expressed in US Dollars

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