Why We Started This Business

Offshore Companies International (“OCI”) is a market innovator in the delivery of Offshore Company Formation, Financial Privacy and International Tax Minimization solutions.


With increased focus on the use of Tax Havens (and with the majority of International Business Company retailers offering aone-size-fits-all“cookie cutter” style approach to IBC Formation) OCI aims to fill the void of quality providers on the net by delivering individually tailored Offshore Corporate Structuring Solutions designed to maximize financial privacy and minimize the chances of underlying ownership of your Offshore assets ever being discovered(or attacked)!


Conceived by a team of experienced International Lawyers – including a former adviser to a leading Privacy Haven government with over ten years “on the ground” tax haven experience and a Tax Planner with a Masters Degree in International Tax Law – OCI will not only assist you to set up an Offshore Company, Trust or Foundation but we will also provide you with specialist guidance in terms of how to use your Offshore Corporate structure effectively to help protect your assets,maximize your profits, and minimize the chances of your ever falling foul of the law.


We believe that the International business, legal and regulatory climates have changed dramatically in recent years and that the path to achieving effective Asset Protection, Financial Privacy and Tax Minimization in the modern era is via the use of multi jurisdictional professionally structured corporate vehicles. To put it in simple terms the more hurdles you place before the vultures the more difficult you make it for them to attack your hard-earned assets!We’ll help you to build and manage those hurdles (and at a better-than-you-might-expect price)!


If you are serious about wanting to set up an Offshore Corporate Structure with maximum privacy, asset protection and tax minimization options,and would prefer to be served by a firm of seasoned reliable professionals,contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. .


  • Our Clients


The partners of OCI have helped thousands of clients from all over the world profit from their investment in an offshore corporate structure. Satisfied clients tell it best:“Our experience with the Professional team at OCI has been nothing short of remarkable. We required more than a simple corporate entity setup;


we needed professional consultation, assistance, and a tightly designed structure. OCI’s legal counsel designed an intricate structure which allowed us to run the first phase of our business without giving rise to sleepless nights.


Our only regret is that we hadn’t found this expertise sooner as we would have saved a lot of time, money and frustration spent on other offshore providers who kept falling short of producing what we were trying to accomplish. With this team you will receive quick and personalized attention to your unique situation and you can rest knowing your affairs are being handled by true professionals.


Based on our experience (we had been through 4 offshore providers in one year) it doesn’t get better than this. OCI is our only recommendation to business associates and our shareholders.


This team of professionals have set a new standard in the offshore world and we would challenge anyone to find another firm to compete with this level of ethics Jake& Ed www.cayoflow.com


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