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The Offshore Companies International team is here to ensure you get the right Offshore Corporate Structure to suit your needs. We understand that every client’s needs are different which is why we offer a wide choice of Jurisdictions in which to locate your Offshore Company, Trust or Foundation  and  Offshore Account.


Additional Offshore Services can be added as you prefer ensuring you get the perfect, tailored Offshore Business or Investment Solution for you. Time is money, which is why we are also totally committed to assisting you to get started in Offshore Trading or Investment promptly.


We offer the following Services:

  • Seychelles International Business Company Formations
  • Belize Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formations
  • Panama International Business Company Formations
  • Wyoming DAO LLC Formations
  • British Virgin Island International Business Company Formations
  • St Kitts & Nevis International Business Company Formations
  • Anguilla International Business Company Formations
  • Hong Kong Tax Exempt Company Formations
  • Gibraltar Non-resident Tax Exempt Company formations
  • Cyprus Holding Company Formations
  • USA Limited Liability Company formations
  • Seychelles Special License Company Formations
  • Seychelles Limited Partnership Formations
  • Seychelles Trust Formations
  • Belize Trust Formations
  • Panama Private Interest Foundation Formations
  • Seychelles Private Interest Foundation Formations
  • Offshore Account Opening Assistance
  • Company, Trust & Foundation Management Services
  • Virtual Office Services

Offshore Corporate Structures can be set up, structured and administered in a number of different ways depending on the degree of privacy sought and the kind of activities the company is likely to carry on. So, when you do business with us (in addition to helping you to choose the best location in which to incorporate) we will take care of:

  • Drafting and filing the documents required to have the company registered.
  • Supplying or arranging a Registered Agent and Registered Office for the Company.
  • Preparing the necessary documentation to appoint first Directors and Shareholders.
  • Appointing Nominee Professional Directors and/or Nominee shareholders.
  • Issuing shares and share certificates.
  • Preparing or arranging documents to set up a Bank account.
  • Arranging and Opening Virtual Office Services as needed for your company
  • Arranging whatever else you may require in order to allow the company to start trading or investing immediately. AND

As for most clients Offshore company formation is a whole new experience (and to help minimize the chances of you falling foul of onshore requirements) we will be on call to ensure that you get the guidance you need (when you most need it) to ensure your company is professionally managed moving forward.


Virtual Office Services


The days of incorporating an IBC and claiming tax residency offshore on the basis of place of incorporation are essentially gone. Unless there is some substance that one can point to, some connection to the country other than just mere incorporation,then it is very easy for onshore authorities to reject such a claim especially when the IBC is seen to have connections onshore.


These days, to be able to legitimately claim that your IBC is resident Offshore fortax purposes, you will need to ensure that your company is (and is seen to be) doing business from offshore. Consequently, of late,we have seen a notable upsurge in interest in Offshore located Virtual Office services (egcall diversion, e-mail diversion, webhosting, call centre hosting etc). We believe that any Offshore Service Provider that is serious about protecting its clients’ interests should now offer a comprehensive Virtual Office service: Such services are readily available, cost effective to establish (and maintain) and they lendcommercial reality to the overall corporate structure.  Globalisation through e-commerce has made the form and the substance almost indistinguishable.


Many business owners (especially those engaged in the provision of products or services that can be offered online) could even have a virtual Personal Assistant (“PA”) doing the leg work for them (which is usually cheaper than employing a secretary or PA in-office!). Outsourcing is no longer the way of the future, it’s time is here and now. If it’s done correctly it is truly a new age experience–with no hide and seek from governments –just straight out business efficiency.


We can assist the average small business owner to tap into the back-end virtual assistant (“VA”) army (on a usage basis) that we have working with us in places such as the Philippines, India, Malaysia etc – together with a network around the world.  These VA’s can also manage data-storage, website maintenance, distribution of marketing materials and more.


We offer the following Virtual Office Servicesfrom Strategic Offshore Centres:

  • Direct dial unique telephone numbers
  • Phone services with call answering and/or voicemail
  • Direct dial unique fax numbers
  • Direct dial shared fax numbers
  • Country specific email addresses
  • Country specific website hosting
  • Unique Post Office box numbers with mail forwarding
  • Shared Post Office box numbers with mail forwarding
  • Virtual Assistants

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