How To Order an International Trust

An International Trust (or a name check) can be ordered quickly and easily


No matter whether you’re ready to set up your International Trust or still figuring out the best way to go about it, either way, the first thing you’ll want to do is to check that your preferred Trust name is available.


The good news is unlike some Company/Trust Retailers (who charge for name inquiries) we offer an obligation & cost free name inquiry service.

  • How To Check if Your Preferred Name is Available:

To make a name inquiry simply choose (from the drop down menu below) the name of the country you are thinking of registering a Trust in& then type in your preferred Trust name, your name and your email address.


Depending on the jurisdiction it can take anywhere from 24 hours to 5 working days to complete a name inquiry. Within 24 hours of receiving a reply from the registry we will email you to let you know whether your preferred name has been approved or not

  • How To Register An International Trust

Compared with a Company aTrust is a much more sophisticated kind of structure. Hence the process for registering a Trust is a little different than the process for incorporating a company.


Once you’ve decided what country you want to register it in (ie Seychelles or Belize) and who the Settlor of your Trust should be (if you’re not sure what a Settlor is click on this link: What is a Settlor) to Order an International all you need to do is:

  1. Download, complete, sign and email us a Trust Order Form
  2. Email us due diligence documents (certified copy passport and proof of residential address) as regards the Settlor and Beneficiaries and any Protector required (if you’re not sure what a Protector is click on this link: What is a Protector).
  3. Make payment (we will send you a proforma invoice for settling once we’ve received your completed order form)

Within 48 hours of receiving the above we will draft the Trust Registration application and email you the proposed Trust Deed for you (and/or your professional advisers) to review. (If you’re not sure what a Trust Deed is click on this link: What is a Trust Deed).


Once the final text of the Trust Deed has been confirmed or agreed to we will then proceed to lodge the Registration request with the registry. From the time we receive your consent to the final draft of the Trust Deed it usually takes around 5 working days to register a Trust.


To make it easier to complete the Order form we suggest you click on this link: How To Complete a Trust Order Form.


If you would prefer to talk to someone before you place an order (or if you need help to complete the order form) please Contact Us.