Anguillan IBCs

Anguilla has been a popular Offshore Company Formation centre since 1994. A tiny self-governed British dependent Caribbean territory with a population of just over 10,000 people it is situated just over one hundred miles east of Puerto Rico, close to the British Virgin Islands. Anguilla enjoys a high degree of political and economic stability and boasts a well-regulated financial services industry underpinned by a common law legal system based on English Law.


The Anguillan IBC is based on the British Virgin Islands IBC, but has undergone several legislative facelifts in the past few years.


Key Features and Benefits Include

  1. Zero Tax: IBCs registered in Anguilla are not liable to pay tax on business profits locally and dividends can be remitted into and out of Anguilla tax free.
  2. Nominees Permissible: Nominee Shareholders and Professional Directors are permissible in Anguilla (and a Company can be appointed Director).
  3. Bearer Shares available: Bearer Shares are permissible although they must be held by an approved custodian and an additional annual fee applies.
  4. Well regarded: The Anguillan IBC is a respected brand name within the International Financial Services community.
  5. Speedy incorporation: Anguilla is one of the few IBC registration centres offering an online registration system enabling IBCs to be registered 24/7 (usually within 24 hours max).
  6. Privacy: There is no public register of Directors, shareholders or beneficial owners in  Anguilla (although details of directors and shareholders must be kept at the IBC’s Anguillan Registered Office +company ownership information can be requested by the Anguillan Financial Services Commission).

Other Features Include.

  • Minimal Paperwork – There is no requirement to file annual returns or to have accounts audited for Anguillan IBCs
  • Account choices – With the reputation of Anguilla as a responsible well regulated Financial Centre, offshore accounts can be opened easily in most major centres
  • Migratable– Anguillan IBCs are allowed to migrate to other IBC centres and non-Anguillan incorporated IBCs can be continued in Anguilla as an Anguillan IBC.
  • Language Choice – Chinese character names are permitted and can be included on a Company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • Flexibility – Only one Director and Shareholder is required and board meetings can be held anywhere in the world

At OCI we believe in giving you more for your money than would the average IBC formation service. Hence included in the incorporation package for your Anguilla IBC is the following:



  • Unlimited name availability inquiries
  • Advice from an experienced International Corporate Lawyer on how to structure your company
  • Preparation (overseen by a lawyer) of application to incorporate the company
  • Preparation (overseen by a lawyer) of the company’s memorandum of association
  • Preparation (overseen by a lawyer) of the company’s articles of association
  • Attending to filing incorporation request with the company registry
  • Attending to payment of government filing fees
  • One year’s Registered Agent service in the country of incorporation
  • One year’s Registered Office service in the country of incorporation
  • Mailing address in the country of incorporation
  • Delivery of Incorp pack by international courier (ie DHL/Fedex/TNT etc)
  • Unlimited free legal consultations for 12 months

Documents included in your Incorp pack:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • 2 sealed/stamped copies of the company’s Memorandum of Association
  • 2 sealed/stamped copies of the company’s Articles of Association
  • Resolution appointing first director/s
  • Resolution appointing first shareholder/s
  • Up to 5 share certificates
  • Resolution to open a bank account
  • Resolution to rent an office
  • Resolution/s to engage a Phone, Internet & Website service provider
  • Resolution to hire (a) staff member/s
  • Resolution to appoint a company lawyer
  • Resolution to appoint a company accountant
  • Resolution appointing you as the company’s authorised representative in commercial negotiations
  • Resolution issuing a Power of Attorney in your favour
  • Agreement authorizing you to represent the company in commercial negotiations
  • Power of Attorney authorising you to sign documents on behalf of the company
  • Register of directors
  • Register of shareholders
  • Expression of wishes (ie an “Offshore” Will)
  • Lawyer authored User Guide (“How to Use Your Offshore Company”)

Price (all inclusive): $US 1,150


With tax effective offshore company management (ie including Professional Corporate “Nominee” Director, Shareholder & Company Secretary): $ 1,550


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