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Why Incorporate in Seychelles?

Seychelles is booming as a Tax Free Offshore Company Registration Centre. It has recorded the highest percentages of growth in respect of new company registrations of any Offshore Centre for each of the past 10 years in succession.



  1. Seychelles is a tiny country, it desperately needs Industries and hence it has refused to water down the unparalleled privacy features of its IBC.
  2. When Seychelles first kicked off as an IOFC back in 1994 it modelled its laws directly on those of the British Virgin Islands ("BVI"), the best known privacy haven and most successful Offshore Centre of the past 25 years.
  3. BVI however and most of the world's major Offshore Centres of the past 30 years (eg The Channel Islands, Bahamas, Monaco etc) are either British or European dependent territories and have close economic ties (and in most cases tax information sharing treaties) with the EU, and/or the UK and/ or the USA. Panama whilst, on paper an independent republic, has close economic ties with USA (eg the same currency) and has in place an information sharing treaty with the US.
  4. With the push from the OECD to try and harmonize international tax rates most (if not all) of the old IBC centers have been forced to dilute their IBC's privacy features. Most (unlike Seychelles) are also faced with the massive handicap of being required, pursuant to the terms of their respective treaties, to hand over tax/company ownership information on demand to the big brother countries.
  5. Seychelles is a totally independent republic and has not signed any tax information sharing treaties with any of the global superpowers. Hence the influx of both new IBC formations and of companies from the Caribbean looking to migrate to a more secure privacy haven.

Seychelles IBC Privacy Features and Benefits

The Seychelles IBC has peerless privacy/security features including:


No Public registers: There is no public register of Shareholders or Directors in Seychelles and Company Formation Agents are not required to disclose to the Registry details of the IBC's underlying "beneficial" owner/s.


Nominee Shareholders and Directors are permitted: A Nominee may act as the Shareholder and/or Director of a Seychelles IBC.


Other Offshore Companies can act as Nominee: As a further safeguard to your privacy another Offshore Company can be engaged to act as Nominee Shareholder or Director of your Seychelles IBC thereby doubling your IBC's privacy protection!


Total Financial Privacy: There is no requirement to file Accounts or Annual Company Returns for Seychelles IBCs. This results in less cost per year in real terms and added privacy as the Company's asset holdings and financial records remain secret.


No Outside Interference: Seychelles is staunchly independent and has no economic ties with the US or the EU or the UK or Australia and, (unlike the BVI and many of its competitors) HAS NOT SIGNED (nor is it under any pressure to sign) any information sharing agreements with the US or the EU or the UK or the Australian Internal Revenue Services.


Bearer Shares are permitted: In Seychelles IBCs are permitted to issue share certificates containing no names (eg which say that "the owner of this share is the bearer hereof") and unlike Panama, in Seychelles there is no restriction on the movement or use of Bearer shares.


If foreign government/tax officials were to come snooping for information in Seychelles, they would hit a series of brick walls:


  1. The registry has no record of who owns the IBCs registered there.
  2. The Seychelles Company Formation agents are not required to, (nor allowed to), hand over ownership information to anyone (except to the Seychelles Regulator only as regards Companies involved in money laundering).
  3. If a foreign government wanted to find out who owns a particular company they would need to firstly make an application to the Seychelles Supreme Court.
  4. The Court would only hear the application if evidence were tendered to it upfront of serious criminal activity in connection with a particular company.

The Seychelles Private Interest Foundation (PIF)

Based on the Panama and Liechtenstein models, The Seychelles Foundation delivers the perfect combination of asset protection and tax minimization features.


The Seychelles Foundation law is cleverly drafted in that it provides that, until such time as Foundation property is actually transferred to the beneficiaries, the beneficiaries hold no legal interest in Foundation property. The legal owner of property held by the Foundation is the Foundation itself! When you register a Seychelles PIF to hold the shares of an IBC the assets of the IBC remain safe from your creditors reach AND the income potentially remains untaxable onshore (until such time as its actually paid to you as a distribution from the Foundation).


  1. Nil Tax: Complete exemption from Seychelles income or business tax, no WHT is levied when distributions are made and no stamp duties are applicable
  2. Fast Registration and name approval: Seychelles structures can be incorporated within as little as 4 hours of request
  3. Inexpensive:
  4. (a) annual government fee is only $200

    (b) Minimum initial capital required is just US$1 which can be paid after registration (contrast that with Panama where one must invest a minimum of

    US$10,000 to set up a PIF)


  5. Easy to Establish: Requires only the registration of a Foundation charter
  6. Simple to Structure:
  7. (a) Only one Councilor is required (which can be either a person or a corporate entity)

    (b) The Founder may also be a Councilor (but can't be sole Councilor)


  8. Easy to Administer:
  9. (a) No annual return need be filed

    (b) Accounts do not have to be audited

    (c) No requirement to file annul accounts

    (d) No annual meeting need be called


  10. Asset Protection: The Act:
  11. (a) Specifically provides that a Seychelles PIF is a separate legal entity in its own right

    (b) Specifically provides that neither the Founder nor the Beneficiaries have any ownership interest in the Foundation assets

    (c) Specifically protects the transfer of assets to the PIF from attack by creditors of the Founder

    (d) Requires that any claims by a creditor of the Founder can only be brought within 2 years from the date of transfer of property to the PIF


  12. Privacy:
  13. (a) A Nominee can sign the Foundation Charter

    (b) There is no requirement to file the Foundation's regulations

    (c) There is no requirement to file the names of the Foundation Beneficiaries (or Protector).

    (d) Names of the Councilors do not have to be stated in the charter


  14. Privacy:
  15. (a) A Nominee can sign the Foundation Charter

    (b) There is no requirement to file the Foundation's regulations

    (c) There is no requirement to file the names of the Foundation Beneficiaries (or Protector).

    (d) Names of the Councilors do not have to be stated in the charter


  16. Succession Planning:
  17. (a) Entitlement to benefit from Foundation assets can be passed from one generation to the next outside the bounds of the Founders will or personal estate

    (b) Seychelles law specifically excludes the operation of foreign laws as to forced heirship


  18. Founder can reserve specific powers to himself or to others including:
  19. (a) the right to appoint or remove Councilors

    (b) the right to ad or exclude Beneficiaries

    (c) the right to add or remove Protectors


  20. A Protector can be appointed:
  21. (a) and can veto certain decisions (eg change of Councilors or Beneficiaries)

    (b) A Founder, a Beneficiary or a Councilor can also be appointed as Protector (but a sole Councilor or sole Beneficiary cannot act as Protector)


  22. Flexible Uses: A Seychelles Foundation:
  23. (a) Can have beneficiaries; or

    (b) May solely be for a specified purpose (without beneficiaries); or

    (c) Can be for a specified purpose and have beneficiaries.