Consultancy Agreements and Sales Contracts

For most people it is important for legal reasons that their Offshore Company be, and be seen to be, managed and controlled from offshore. The person authorised to give and receive communications might therefore be appointed as an Adviser or Consultant to the Director, charged with particular areas of responsibility. By doing this the Director’s acceptance of the adviser’s instructions may be demonstrated to be actions taken in accordance with a corporate plan thereby avoiding any suggestion that the Corporation is just a sham company (which can have tax/and/or legal consequences). At the end of the day Professional Company Directors make decisions based on information received from the Company’s managers, consultants and professional advisers.


Similarly if your Offshore Company can fairly be said to be engaged in the sale of products delivered or sourced from Offshore you may prefer to be appointed as the Company’s local commission sales representative or consultant.


We can supply either a general Consultancy agreement or Sales agency agreement as you prefer to assist with formalizing such arrangements.


For more information on how (or why or when) to use a Consultancy agreement or Sales contract please Contact Us