Can I change ownership of my Offshore Company from myself to an IBC and if so how do I go about it?


Say at present you have incorporated an Offshore Company (“Bla Bla Ltd”) and given us the names of two individual natural persons as the “owners” of the company. Let’s say you have also requested a Nominee shareholder be set in place.


Presently one share in the company will have been issued in favor of our standard Nominee Company. The nominee company would hold its share/s in the company on Trust for each of the two natural persons named in the order as “owners”.


If you each want additional privacy/tax planning options we could switch underlying ownership of the shares in Bla Bla Ltd to two respective IBCs one held already by (or freshly set up for) each of you.


To achieve that what we would normally do is this:


  1. We would call a Director’s meeting both to issue more shares and to consent to the change of ownership (we would draft the resolution normally).
  2. We would then issue separate Nominee Shareholder’s Declarations of Trust noting that a certain number of shares in Bla Bla Ltd are held for each such IBC as alter ego for the two underlying company owners.
  3. We would need to prepare for signing by the new owners of the company a Management Services Agreement etc
  4. Finally we would need to amend our database to note the names of the new owners of Bla Bla Ltd (ie the IBCs)


You would need to confirm the new proposed owners of Bla Bla Ltd’s names ie the IBCs names (and percentages of the company that they will each own). Once we have that we can get started.


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