How can I be confident that my inquiry or service request will be responded to promptly?


At OCI, if we receive an email from you it should be replied to by the end of the next working day every time.


How can we make this guarantee?


Because we have a system in place to deal with this!


People make mistakes. Systems don’t.


Our Client Service System works as follows:

  1. Every email or request for service received from you goes to one central location (+ to the individual/ Dpt in the firm to whom it has been addressed).
  2. Within 6 hours maximum of receipt your request is read and is either seen to by (or delegated to) the responsible cell within the firm (eg Admin Dpt, Legal Dpt, Finance Dpt, Sales Dpt etc) for action. The task is placed in a job log (+ the time by which we must reply/deliver is also noted in the job log)
  3. The Client Services Manager (“CSM”) double checks to ensure that each new incoming job has been noted and placed in the appropriate job log
  4. Towards the end of the work day the CSM reviews all job logs and meets with the various Dpt heads/members to check whether everything that needed to be done for that day has been done
  5. If any job that needs to be finished by day’s end has not been finished by 5pm local time either a staff member is authorized to work overtime to finish the job OR the CSM takes over personally finishing the job
  6. If we can’t answer your query or complete the requested task within 24 hours (eg apostles commonly take 72 hours + to be completed) we will email you to confirm that we have received your request + we will advise you as to how long it will take to respond (and why).

Thus (on account of this system) if you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours you can be fairly sure that we never received your inquiry (in which case you might like to resend your inquiry or phone or skype us).


People occasionally fail to deliver on time. Systems don’t.


This is how we can guarantee you will consistently receive speedy service!


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