How can I sign an agreement on behalf of my offshore company if I’m not a Director of the company?


What we can do here is the Professional “Nominee” Director of the company can give you a Limited or Specific Power of Attorney to sign the document/s in question on behalf of your Offshore Company.


Ideally in this situation you would have been appointed at incorporation as a consultant or adviser to the Director with particular areas of responsibility


We would FIRSTLY need:


  1. A formal letter of advice from you (eg as Consultant) advising the Director as to what’s on offer here for the Company, the pros and cons + details of how in your opinion the company/company owners will benefit if the deal goes ahead
  2. A copy of the agreement/document/s that it is proposed the Company is to sign
  3. Advice of to whom, where and how the Power of Attorney is to be delivered
  4. Confirmation that you will require the Power of Attorney including full name and address of the exact person to whom the Power of Attorney is to be granted.



If you want to minimize the chances of the company ever being deemed to be an onshore resident for tax purposes than ideally the Power of Attorney would be limited and specific to the signing of this agreement. Ideally you would only deploy this strategy where time is of the essence; probably you would not want to take this path every time a document requires signing on behalf of the company.


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