How can I use an IBC to trade Forex (Currencies), Futures, Shares and Options?


IBCs are commonly used as vehicles for the trading of Forex/Options/Share/Futures.


In practical terms how it can work is:

  1. For maximum privacy the IBC is usually set up with a Professional “Nominee” Director/Shareholder resident in a nil tax jurisdiction
  2. The owner/client is appointed as Financial Consultant (eg Forex Trading Manager)
  3. The IBC director completes the Brokerage account application/s
  4. As part of his/her brief the client is given the authority to trade certain markets or accounts on behalf of the company reporting to the Director
  5. A Bank and/or Trading account is opened with the owner (eg as Consultant/Trading Manager) nominated as the signatory
  6. The IBC starts trading with all trades organized by or authorized by the beneficial company owner client who, like a bank employed trader, retains day-to-day control (subject to the Directors overview) of company funds earmarked for trading.

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