How do I change my address with my Company Providers or Offshore bankers?


There are several addresses which may need to be changed including:

  1. Correspondence address
  2. The address to which all communications to the Customer are to be addressed by the Bank
  3. The address to which bank statements are to be sent
  4. The Operating address of the Company
  5. The Bank Customer’s Physical Address
  6. The address of the (underlying beneficial) owner/s of the company
  7. The email address of the company

Firstly you would need to clarify exactly which of the above addresses are to be changed.


Additionally if your (or the account signatory’s) residential address has changed we would need an up to date proof of address document. (See below for details).


In terms of procedure where change of address needs to be notified to a bank:

  1. A board meeting would need to be convened and a resolution passed and signed to formally ratify the changes
  2. A letter would need to be signed by the Director and sent to your/the company’s bankers.

Alternative Proof of Address Options include:

  1. An original or certified copy (certified by a reputable bank, Notary, Professional person, Consulate, Embassy or governmental body) credit card statement, which shows the address to be confirmed provided that it is produced by a major issuer (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Diners Card) in a FATF, or other approved country and is no more than three months old at the time of the receipt.
  2. Provided that the same bank does not provide a confirmation of address separately, an original or certified copy bank statement produced by a reputable bank operating in a FATF, or other approved country and no more than 3 months old at the time of receipt.
  3. Residence Permits (also known as e.g. Carte d’Sejour, Certificat Domical, or Residency Certificate), are documents issued by government agencies, usually local, generally they are in local language and sometimes also English and/or French,
  4. Tax Authority Correspondence, which is verified as being genuine, may be accepted if it is addressed to the applicant’s residential address and no more than 3 months old.
  5. A Valid full driving license that is verified as being genuine showing the applicant’s residential address
  6. ID card if the address features on this document and if not used for identification purposes. The origin of the ID card must be from a FATF country.
  7. Bank confirmation of residential address

NOTE: If the address confirmation is in a language other than English we would need the address translated by an accredited translator.


To proceed with such a request you would need to email us:

  1. Confirmation that you wish to proceed
  2. Confirmation of which addresses exactly requires changing; and
  3. Details of (a) who needs to be contacted and advised of the new address (including his/her/their contact address) and (b) by what means is this person/s to be contacted and advised of the new address (eg by email, fax, airmail or by courier).

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