How do I change the shares in my company from bearer shares to registered shares?


To change shares from Bearer to Registered you have to go through a process:

The steps we would systematically undertake for you are as follows:

  1. You would need to email us to confirm you wish to proceed advising of:
    1. The name of the IBC
    2. The names of the ongoing shareholder/s
    3. How many share are to be issued; and
    4. What value per share is to be allocated
  2. You would also need to supply us with DD documents for any new owners/shareholders
  3. A company/Director’s meeting would need to be called to formally ratify changes to the share structure (ordinarily we would draft and forward to you/the Director/s the resolution for the Director/s to sign)
  4. The original resolution together with the current share certificate/s would need to be sent to the Company’s registered office
  5. Once the above is received the company’s share register would need to be noted to record the changes
  6. Old share certificate/s would then be destroyed and new share certificate/s created and couriered to you.

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