How do I prove that I’m a Director and Shareholder and have power to sign for the company?


Say a public authority requires a document, carrying an apostle, stating that:


  1. (name/address etc.) is since ??? (date) now sole and managing director of XYZ Investments Ltd (ie your company) and that he/she/it is authorised to close any kind of contracts without any limitation on behalf of XYZ Investments Ltd.
  2. (name/address etc.) holds 100% of shares in/of XYZ Investments Ltd .
  3. (name/address etc. that is the author of the letter) is authorised to proof this information that is as per i) and ii) above.


In this situation we could supply any or all of the following:


  1. A notarized/ apostilled copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association (which shows the name of the Registered agent of the company in the country of incorporation)
  2. A notarized/ apostilled copy of the Subscriber’s Resolution showing who the original appointed Director of the company is
  3. An Attorney certified/ notarized/ apostilled copy/printout of the Register of Directors and or Share register (stored confidentially/electronically at the Company’s registered Office)
  4. A notarized/ apostilled copy of a Certificate of Incumbency setting out details of the Registered Office/Agent and Directors/Shareholders of the company
  5. A notarized/ apostilled Certificate of Good Standing issued by the registry proving that the company exists and that its operating license is current
  6. A notarized copy of the Registered Agent’s International Corporate Services Provider’s License from the country of incorporation
  7. A notarized/ apostilled copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the said Registered Agent (and Memorandum of Association if required)
  8. A notarized/ apostilled copy of the search of the registry showing who the Directors of the Registered Agent company are
  9. A notarized/ apostilled copy of the certifying Attorney’s law degree and Attorney’s admission certificate


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