How do I prove who the officers of an IBC are?


Say a Bank is asking for proof of who the Officers of a particular IBC are.


What someone like a bank would probably want to see are notarized (or notarized and apostilled) copies of:

  1. The resolution appointing the First Director
  2. Any subsequent resolutions appointing new Directors (and copies of the outgoing Director’s resignation/s as applicable)
  3. Certificate of Incorporation (maybe)
  4. Memorandum and Articles of Association (maybe)
  5. Director’s register
  6. Share register (maybe)
  7. Certificate of Incumbency (a document signed by the Company’s Licensed Seychelles Registered Agent which confirms who the Company’s registered agent is, that the company is in good standing and who the Director and shareholders of the Company are ).

We would also suggest that you ask the Bank (or person/firm so asking for proof of who the offices are) to confirm EXACTLY what they require before you instruct us to provide such info/docs.


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