What documents are included as standard with a Notarised/Apostilled set of corporate documents??

If you require a Notarised and/or Apostilled set of corporate documents for your company we usually provide, as standard, copies of:

  1. The Certificate of Incorporation
  2. The Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. The Subscriber (ie the subscriber who signed the Memo and Arts to initiate incorporation of the Company)’s resolution appointing the Sole Director of the Company.
  4. The share register
  5. The register of directors

If you need it we can also obtain from the Registrar of International Business Companies in the country of incorporation a Certificate of Good Standing confirming that the company’s operating license is current and valid. This document can be added to the bundle of Notarised/Apostilled docs as/if required.


If you require unequivocal proof of who the Directors and Shareholder are we can also supply (notarized and Apostilled as/if required) a Certificate of Incumbency (which also confirms who the company’s registered agent is in the country of incorporation + the company’s registered office address).

Please note (eg if the Company in question is an International Business Company) there is usually no public register of Directors and Shareholders as regards IBCs. The (electronically stored) register of Directors and Share register for your IBC is usually kept in the company’s Registered Office.


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