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At Offshore Companies International our philosophy is simple:

  • The Client is King
  • The Client ’s needs come first every time
  • The Client is always right, even though he or she may be wrong.

Some firms try and force clients to act in a way that is convenient for the firm - for example by refusing to send or receive mails via any source other than their own server (despite some clients preferring that all email communications be by encrypted means eg via safe-mail or hushmail).


We believe however that the balance of power in business has changed and that success in commerce is now all about finding out what it is the client wants exactly and then tailoring a service or product to suit.


As we’ve noticed that some clients would prefer to order Offshore Companies directly online and others not we offer several different ways to place your order.


If you would like to talk to someone before you place an order please Contact Us.


If you would prefer to order online please answer the below questions (and email to us at info@ your DD documents (ie certified copy passport or national ID card and proof of residential address).

  • Company Details  
  • Personal Details   


  • Package Details   

You can choose our Package Deals for maximum value for your full-service requirements





The next 3 questions are questions that we are obliged to ask you by virtue of Anti Money Laundering Laws which may apply in the country where your company is to be registered. Please answer as best you can: I/we request Offshore Companies International to provide Offshore Company Administration services as per my/our above requirements. I/we have read and accept your Terms and Conditions of Business. I/we certify that the above information is correct and I/we confirm that the Company will not be used for any illegal purpose