Tax Effective (From Offshore) Foundation Management Services

As a general proposition to limit the chances of a Private Interest Foundation being taxed onshore the Foundation needs to be (and be seen to be) managed and controlled from offshore.


For that to be achieved ideally the Foundation should be seen to be carrying out core activities and making key decisions in a nil tax environment (ie“Offshore” preferably in the country of incorporation).


Hence the Councillor/s responsible for day to day management of the Foundation (and ideally the Founder) should be resident offshore, Councillors meetings should take place offshore, agreements entered into on behalf of the Foundation should be signed from offshore and payments should be effected from (and finances should be managed from ) offshore.


With increased focus internationally on Corporate Governance record keeping is also important. For the Foundation to be seen to be managed from offshore ideally you’ll also want to have all Foundation records (including statutory books) kept and maintained offshore



  • The beneficiaries register
  • The register of councillors
  • Asset Register
  • Register of charges
  • And more


We offer the following Specific Management Services for Private Interest Foundations:


  • Structuring and Management advice
  • Nominee Beneficiary services
  • Professional “Nominee” Councillor services
  • Calling of Councilors’ meetings
  • Passing and signing of resolutions
  • Bank account signatory services
  • Assistance with PIF account establishment
  • Advising on and signing of agreements
  • Overseeing changes of or to beneficiaries, councillors,foundation names, protectors regulations, charters etc
  • Tailoring of Charters and or regulations as required
  • Attendance to maintenance of statutory registers
  • Offshore accounting services
  • Free after sales general inquiry response service



  • Provision and signing of Powers of attorney, Consultancy and Sales agent Agreements,
  • Notary and apostille of fouondationdocuments
  • Tax residency certificates
  • Consular certification of foundation etc documents
  • Provision of certificates of incumbency or good standing
  • Obtaining and providing of legal opinions
  • Registry searches
  • And more


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