Tax Haven Email Address Services for IBCs


To minimize the chances of your Offshore or International Business Company (“IBC”) being assessed for tax onshore ideally you will want to ensure that your company is managed (and is seen to be managed) from Offshore (preferably in and from the tax haven where it was registered).


As part of that strategy it would be wise for your IBC to have a tax haven web and email address.


We offer two products in this regard:

  1. Tax Haven Email Addresses
  2. Tax Haven Email Domain Names


Tax Haven Email Addresses


If you really want your company to look as if it is registered, and managed/operating, from Offshore then the final thing you’ll need in order to complete the picture is a tax haven email address.


As part of the OCI Tax Haven Email Address Package you get:

  • One .taxhaven domain email addresseg: if your company is incorporated in Seychelles (subject to name availability at the .taxhavendomain registrar)
  • Webmail access to your offshore email address enabling you to check mail no matter where you are in the world
  • As much as 50MB storage space (this varies from country to country).


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