Tax Haven Phone Answering Services for IBCs

To minimize the chances of your Offshore or International Business Company (“IBC”) being assessed for tax onshore ideally you will want to ensure that your company is managed (and is seen to be managed) from Offshore (preferably in and from the tax haven where it was registered).


As part of that strategy it would be wise for your IBC to have a tax haven phone number and to have the phone answered in that country.


We offer two products in this regard:

  1. Direct dial unique telephone numbers
  2. Phone answering services with call forwarding

Direct dial unique telephone numbers


With this service we provide you with a tax haven phone number (unique to your company) answered in your company name. The callers will receive a pre-recorded message advising them that they have reached the office of your company but that no one is available to take their call. The caller will then be asked to leave a message including name and number and purpose of call. The callers recorded message will then be passed on to you via electronic means.


Phone services with call answering and/or voicemail


With this product you we provide a shared telephone line (different and separate from  normal business lines) which enables you to show a local (tax haven) number on your letterhead, website and email signature. When answered the receptionist will confirm that the caller has reached the office of Your Company Pty Ltd (enter your IBC name here) and will take a detailed message which will be relayed to you.


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