How Do I Hire a Lawyer For My IBC?

We are often asked What is the process for the hiring of a Lawyer by a (tax free) Offshore Company?


For the purposes of this article we will assume that your Company structure includes a Nominee Director.


Say your tax free Offshore Company (IBC) is doing business in the UK and needs to hire a UK Lawyer to read over a contract.


The first thing you would need to do here is explain  to the Company Administrator/s why your Offshore Company needs a UK/Onshore Lawyer.


Then the process would be:


  1. The Company Director will ask you (say you’re based in the UK) to go shop for a UK Lawyer.
  2. You would provide a report to the Director of which Lawyers or Law Firms you’ve interviewed. Your report would include a recommendation (and you would need to explain why you recommend that particular Lawyer or law firm).
  3. A board meeting would be called to discuss and approve by resolution the appointment/engagement of the said Lawyer or Law Firm.
  4. A minute would be drawn and signed by the Director formally noting the motion so passed.
  5. Any service agreement between the Lawyer and the Company ideally should be signed Offshore by the Company (Nominee) Director.


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