How To Invest in a Start Up Using a Tax Free Offshore Company

Investing in a Start Up is an activity that lends itself well to an Offshore Corporate Structuring plan.


How it works is:


(a)    You incorporate a tax free Offshore Company (“OC”)


(b)   You structure the Company in such a way as to ensure that the Company is seen to be managed and controlled from Offshore; This can usually be achieved by via deployment of a tax haven based Nominee Director (which is a service that OCI can/will provide)


(c)    Your OC either signs a general investment with the Start Up Company or subscribes for shares in the Start Up Company


(d)   You advance funds to your OC


(e)   The OC then advances funds to the Start Up Company


(f)     The Fund Company utilizes your money to help it launch or expand


(g)    The Fund Company pays a return (eg dividends ie a share of the profits) periodically to your OC (eg monthly or quarterly or 6 monthly or yearly).


(h)   Returns paid to your OC can be banked and or reinvested Offshore potentially free from tax


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