Re opening a Paypal account for your Offshore Company or IBC, here’s how that usually works (Note the below scenario assumes that you have chosen a Nominee Director as part of your Company package):


1.       The client/company owner (“you”) is usually appointed (via Consultancy Agreement) as an Authorised Representative of the Company. 


2.       The Consultancy agreement gives you the authority (amongst other things) (a) to negotiate purchase and supply contracts on behalf of the Company and (b) to approach a bank or merchant account or payment provider seeking an account on behalf of the Company (In essence the Consultancy Agreement gives you the power to do anything except sign a legal contract on behalf of the Company).  


3.       Presumably you will want/need to approach Paypal asking for (a) a merchant account facility (ie where clients can pay your Company via card) and/or (b) a Paypal payment facility ie whereby you can pay others via Paypal or receive payment from others via Paypal.


4.       Paypal will probably ask you to provide “Due Diligence” or “KYC” as regards the Company. Usually you will have to provide them with (a) proof that the Company is currently registered and “in good standing” (ie still alive at law) and (b) proof of who the Director/s Shareholder/s and beneficial owners of the Company are.


5.       Paypal’s DD/KYC requirements can vary from country to country. Once you know what they require as regards your Company (if you don’t have that info/documentation yourself) email your International Corporate Service Provider (eg OCI) who can/will arrange for the requisite KYC/DD Docs to be supplied to you for passing on to Paypal.


6.       Paypal will probably also need the Company to sign a service agreement. That you will need to get the Director to sign. 


If time is of the essence what can also happen is you could be provided with a Limited/Specific Power of Attorney which will enable you to temporarily stand in the shoes of the Director and do, on behalf of the Company, anything and everything required to open a Paypal Account on behalf of the Company. 


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