How to Open an Offshore Company Bank Account

If you engage OCI ( to assist you to open an Offshore Account for your Company or Trust or Foundation or LP here’s how the system works:


  • When you first contact us we will email you a bank account brochure showing names and key details as regards the 50+ banks that we can assist to open an Offshore account with. This brochure contains details of each banks’ minimum deposit requirements, details of key services offered and set up costs.
  • Once you’ve decided where you want to incorporate (and how you wish to structure your Offshore Company/entity) we will email you for completion and return a banking questionnaire. The answers you provide therein will give us a snapshot of your banking requirements such as should enable us to recommend a/the bank most likely to meet your needs.
  • One of the partners in the firm (ie our Bank Accounts Manager) is a Chartered Accountant. For the past 10 years all she has done all day every day (apart from the firm’s Accounts) is assist clients to open Bank Accounts. She will review (and our In-House Lawyer will also review) your completed Bank Account Questionnaire. Once that’s done we will email you a short list of Banks that we feel are most likely to meet your needs + details as regards each bank (including their fees/charges).
  • You should review that info and then tell us which bank or banks you wish to open an account with
  • We will send you an (in house) Instruction form for completion as regards that particular bank
  • We use the data as captured in that order form to complete the bank account application forms for you
  • We arrange for the bank account application to be signed by the Company Director (and account/authorised signatory) for delivery to the bank + we will email you to tell you what info/docs you will need to supply
  • You should then furnish us/the bank with a detailed summary of the company’s proposed business activities + proof of your ID/residency as per the bank’s requirements (ie in the event that you are the underlying beneficial owner of a company applying for the account or nominated as account signatory). Certain banks also require a bank reference.
  • The Bank typically comes back with 2-3 rounds of questions. We will seek instructions from you as regards the bank/s queries.
  • We then use those instructions to draft answers to the Bank’s questions.
  • We then send answers to the bank’s questions directly to the particular Officer at the bank handling your Company/entity’s application
  • We follow up with the bank until the account is opened
  • Immediately the Account is opened we will either (securely) send you the account coordinates etc or arrange for the bank to securely send that info (+ any issued debit/credit/ATM card) to you


All the above work/services are included in the fixed fee that we charge you for providing assistance to open a bank account.


The fee for us to assist you to open an Offshore Account for your Offshore Company/Entity would be anywhere from $550 up to $1,550 (ie the amount of the fee depends on which bank you choose).


(Note we only assist to open accounts for Companies/entities formed by us).


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