How To Set up a Tax Free Yacht Broker Business Offshore

Acting as a Yacht Broker is a line of business which lends itself well to an Offshore Corporate Structuring Plan.


In this model structure (ie as set out below) it’s assumed that you will be acting as a middleman between a buyer and seller and if the buyer and seller do business you get paid a commission ie typically a percentage of the sale/deal proceeds.


To summarise how it would work is:


  • You set up a zero tax Offshore Company eg an International Business Company (“IBC”) with a nil tax jurisdiction based Nominee Director and a Nominee Shareholder (or a Private Foundation/Shareholder ie if you live in a country which has a CFC law)
  • You are appointed as the IBC’s Authorised Representative
  • On behalf of the IBC you negotiate terms with the Seller and or Buyer to pay your IBC a Commission if/when the Buyer and Seller do business
  • The Broker agreement/contract is signed Offshore by the Nominee Director
  • The source of the income is the contract.
  • Because the contract was signed offshore in a nil tax environment there should be no tax payable on income generated by the contract (a) where the Company is incorporated and (b) where you live (assuming you structure and administer the Company in a certain way).
  • When you need some living/spending money the IBC pays you a wage, or consulting fees or a commission (eg a percentage of trading profits generated)
  • That living/spending money can be paid to your local bank account (which means it would be assessable income wherever you are tax resident though you should also be able to claim a sizeable amount of allowable deductions eg for home office, car, equipment, insurances, travel, stationary etc etc to reduce the amount of your “taxable” income at home). More sizeable amounts could be accessed by way of loan or a 2nd Offshore Company could be formed to buy your onshore investments
  • If you don’t want the authorities to know how much money you are earning eg by way of wages you could convert your hard currency into Bitcoin and/ or you could use an anonymous ATM or Debit/VISA card to withdraw $ from an Auto Tele Machine (though technically that receipt would be assessable income for local tax purposes)


The majority of trading profits would be banked and or reinvested Offshore potentially tax free.


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For maximum speed and to minimise the chance of mistake we use tailor made software to produce Incorporation packs:

  1. Company/Trust etc specifications are entered in a central database
  2. All Data entries are crosschecked by a second person to minimise the chance of errors
  3. Corporate documents are produced at the click of a button without the need for manual typing
  4. A Manager quality checks all Corporate documents for accuracy before they are dispatched


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