How To Wind Up a Seychelles Trust

We are often asked “How do I shut down my Seychelles trust”?


The Seychelles IBC Legislation provides a procedure for striking off IBCs.


Under the provisions of the Seychelles International Trusts Act 1994 however, there are no provisions for “striking off” Trusts.


Commonly, a standard Offshore Discretionary Trust is established on an irrevocable basis. Usually such a Trust will only come to an end once the Trust assets have been distributed absolutely to the beneficiaries or to a different Trust with common beneficiaries (and the Trustees cease to hold any Trust property), either at the end of the Trust period or on an earlier final distribution of Trust property.


To bring the Trust to an end a supplemental Trust Deed needs to be drafted an executed. There are two formats of Deed that could be used: Option 1 relates to where the trust is terminated after a final distribution of Trust property; Option 2 assumes that the Trust has ceased to hold assets (including any initial trust property, e.g. US$100 to establish the Trust) – you can use whichever one is appropriate and have your Lawyer or Trust Service Provider tailor it to your circumstances.


Finally once the Trust has been terminated and is no longer an International Trust within the meaning of the Seychelles International Trusts Act 1994 Act, your Trustee must notify The Seychelles Financial Services Authority under section 4(5).


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