Marshall Islands IBCs

The Republic of Marshall Islands (“RMI”) is a pristine group of islands in the North Pacific Ocean located approximately halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Following “discovery” by British Naval Captain John Marshall in 1882 the islands were ultimately annexed by Germany before being passed to the United States who administered the country on behalf of the UN from the end of World War 2 until 1986 (when the nation gained Independence).


With a hybrid system of government based on both the British and US system, the US dollar as its official currency and a Corporate Law framework based on the English Common Law model the Marshall Islands is becoming an increasingly popular jurisdiction for incorporation of tax free Offshore Companies.


Key features and benefits include:

Zero Tax: IBCs registered in The Marshall Islands are not liable to pay tax on business profits locally and dividends can be remitted into and out of the Company tax free.

Nominees Permissible: Nominee Shareholders and Professional Directors are permissible in The Marshall Islands (and a Company can be appointed Director).

Bearer Shares available: Bearer Shares are permissible for Marshall Islands companies (& can be freely held ie no official custodian is required).

Easy to Establish: Marshall Islands IBCs only require as a minimum one director and one shareholder.

Speedy incorporation: Marshall Islands IBCs can be incorporated in as little as 48 hours

Privacy: There is no public register of Directors, shareholders or beneficial owners in The Marshall Islands.


Other features include:

  • Minimal Paperwork – There is no requirement to file annual returns or to have accounts audited for Marshall Islands IBCs
  • Ease of communication – English is the official language of the Marshall Islands
  • Language  Choice – Non English company names are permitted and can be included on a Company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • Flexibility – Board meetings can be held anywhere in the world
  • Easy to Manage – Marshall Islands IBCs are not required to hold an annual General Meeting
  • Inexpensive to Establish – Minimum paid up share capital required is just US$1.
  • Private – The Marshall Islands has not signed Tax Information Exchange Agreements with any major EU state save for The Netherlands
  • Reliable Legal Framework – The Marshall Islands Corporations Law is based on that of Delaware and New York (USA)


At OCI we believe in giving you more for your money than would the average IBC formation service. Hence included in the incorporation package for your Marshall Islands IBC is the following:




•            Unlimited name availability inquiries

•            Advice from an experienced International Corporate Lawyer on how to structure your company

•            Preparation (overseen by a lawyer) of application to incorporate the company

•            Preparation (overseen by a lawyer) of the company’s memorandum of association

•            Preparation (overseen by a lawyer) of the company’s articles of association

•            Attending to filing incorporation request with the company registry

•            Attending to payment of government filing fees

•            One year’s Registered Agent service in the country of incorporation

•            One year’s Registered Office service in the country of incorporation

•            Mailing address in the country of incorporation

•            Delivery of Incorp pack by international courier (ie DHL/Fedex/TNT etc)

•            Unlimited free legal consultations for 12 months


Documents included in your Incorp pack:


•            Certificate of incorporation

•            2 sealed/stamped copies of the company’s Memorandum of Association

•            2 sealed/stamped copies of the company’s Articles of Association

•            Resolution appointing first director/s

•            Resolution appointing first shareholder/s

•            Up to 5 share certificates

•            Resolution to open a bank account

•            Resolution to rent an office

•            Resolution/s to engage a Phone, Internet & Website service provider

•            Resolution to hire a staff member/s

•            Resolution to appoint a company lawyer

•            Resolution to appoint a company accountant

•            Resolution appointing you as the company’s authorised representative in commercial negotiations

•            Resolution issuing a Power of Attorney in your favour

•            Agreement authorising you to represent the company in commercial negotiations

•            Power of attorney authorising you to sign documents on behalf of the company

•            Register of directors

•            Register of shareholders

•            Expression of wishes (ie an “Offshore” Will)

•            Lawyer authored User Guide (“How to Use Your Offshore Company”)


Price (all inclusive): $US 1,100


With tax effective offshore company management (ie including Professional Corporate “Nominee” Director, Shareholder & Company Secretary): $ 1,500


From 2nd year $790 (or $1,190 if Nominees are required)


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