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Centrally located at the Alpine crossroads of Western Europe, and renowned for its International Banking/Fund Management Industry, Switzerland, despite a relatively small population (circa 8 million) stands at or near the top of the peak in terms of Internationally focused Company Formation jurisdictions.


Boasting a stable, progressive economy Switzerland holds the 2nd highest rating in Europe (behind only Ireland) in the Index of Economic Freedom and the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report currently ranks Switzerland’s economy as the second most competitive in the world.


With a pro-business regulatory environment, outstanding infrastructure and the ability to deliver one of the lowest Corporate Tax Rates in Europe (as little as 9%, potentially) it’s no surprise that many start-ups (especially since the beginning of the tech boom) have chosen to make Switzerland their Corporate Headquarters.


Swiss Company Features

Company Type: S.A. or S.A.R.L.

Time To form: Min 10 days

Paid up Capital: CHF (ie Swiss Francs) 50,000 for an S.A. and CHF 20,000 for an S.A.R.L.

Privacy: Switzerland offers a high level of confidentiality. For an S.A. the names of shareholders remain anonymous. S.A. Companies can have Bearer shares

Accounting: Swiss Companies must generate a set of accounts annually but there is no Audit requirement.

Taxation: Tax can be as little as 9% if the majority of turnover comes from outside Switzerland

Number of Directors: Minimum of 1 director is required (at least 1 director must be resident in Switzerland). Nominee Directors are permitted

Number of Shareholders: Minimum of 1 shareholder. Can be Corporate or natural person



Differences Between a Swiss S.A. and S.A.R.L. Company

S.A. (Public Limited liability Company)

S.A.R.L. (Company with Limited Liability)

Number of shareholders: 1 (Can be a natural person or a Corporation) 1 (Can be a natural person or a Corporation)
Company name Company name must end with “SA.” Company name must end with: SARL.
Minimum share capital 100,000 CHF with a minimum of 50% subscribed (50 000) 20 000 CHF must be fully subscribed. No maximum.
Contribution in kind towards share capital Is Possible Is Possible
Nominal value of shares A minimum of 1 cent. A minimum of 100 francs.
Local (ie Swiss Resident) director? Required Required
Accounting/Auditing Must keep accounts, but auditing is not compulsory. Must keep accounts, but auditing is not compulsory.
Liability of the shareholders. Limited to the share capital. Limited to the shares.
Privacy Shareholders names do NOT appear on the public record. The names of the members DO appear in the local commercial register.
Convertability Can be converted into a SARL company at any time. Can be converted into a SA company at any time.
Transfer of shares Simple cession. Signature of the share sale/purchase contract must be made before a notary.


Prices and Inclusions


Set up price for a Swiss company: $US5,500 (From 2nd year $3,750)


Set up price inclusions:

  • The Certificate of Incorporation issued by the local registrar.
  • Company secretarial maintenance.
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Registered Office in Switzerland
  • Registered Agent in Switzerland.
  • Share certificate(s).
  • Board resolution authorizing appointment of director and the issuance of of shares.
  • Unlimited free consultations with our In-House Lawyer for 12 months


Renewal fee inclusions: 

  • Registered office in Switzerland for one year
  • Registered agent in Switzerland for one year
  • Annual Governmental charges
  • Managing all company compliance requirements.
  • Unlimited free consultations with our In-House Lawyer for 12 months


Optional Services:

Swiss resident Nominee Director: $3,990

Power of attorney $165

Metal Company Seal: 165

Rubber Corporate Stamp: $75

Local telephone/fax number in Switzerland with answering service: $1,250

Notarisation and apostille of Corp docs: $165


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