Where To Incorporate a Crypto Business With No License?

We are often asked, Where can I set up a Crypto business (eg a Crypto currency Exchange) without a license?


As at the date of writing (ie 24 November 2019), the following nil tax jurisdictions do not license such activities currently:


  • Seychelles
  • Belize
  • Nevis
  • Panama
  • Hong Kong
  • Cayman Islands
  • Dominica
  • Hong Kong


To clarify the position last week we wrote to Lawyers we know in 11 different jurisdictions and asked this question: “We have a Japan based client who wants to incorporate a new business namely a Cryptocurrency Exchange business where they buy Cryptocurrencies and sell Cryptocurrency (ie they will exchange one form of Cryptocurrency for another and charge a commission or margin. What special license/s if any will the client need to apply for in your jurisdiction?”


Here are the answers we received, verbatim:




“First, regarding your question: we recommend to order a service for preliminary legal analysis for specific cases for full assurance but from the first view I would say that the company would also need a Crypto license.

The crypto licenses for which we can apply are:

  • · providers of a service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
  • · providers of a virtual currency wallet service”


Hong Kong


“Cryptocurrency exchange is not yet officially regulated in Hong Kong but presumably they will need to have their own operating office, staff, compliance officer and follow the Anti-Money Laundering rules as a minimum.  However, they are not likely to open an account in HK for its operation.


Alternatively, the client can consider setting up a company in Malaysia Labuan where they can apply for a money operator license that include Crypto currency in the license like fiat currency.”




“Agreed that it is not a prohibited business and will thus depend on DD issues.”




“Presently there are no regulations or licenses in Panama for Crypto business.”




“In UAE all financial and non financial licenses are regulated in DFIC , FSA and ADGM authorities.

Currently we are working on details clarification with the authorities and we will revert you ASAP. “




“Cryptocurrency exchange is not regulated by the IBC Act 1996 of Dominica, and as amended thereafter. It remains a grey area, just as in the majority of jurisdictions. Thus we confirm that this type of activity for an IBC is not restricted. Legal opinion can be available upon request.”




“At this time we do not have any cryptocurrency legislation.


I suppose the better option is number 1. The entity can be formed and the Articles allows the company to do any legal business. To ensure nil tax in Nevis, it would be better not to operate the business activities in Nevis, in addition to the fact that cryptocurrency activities are not regulated in Nevis (it would be hard to make a claim if monies are lost).”


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