Why (And How To) Incorporate Offshore

Every now and then it’s good to revisit and re-evaluate the benefits of Incorporating Offshore.


Whilst more thought is now required when planning an Offshore Corporate Structure than what was required say ten years ago, those with years of experience in the Offshore Company Formations Industry will tell you that that solid demand will continue for Offshore Company Formations.






(i) Businesses and individuals are increasingly residing, owning assets and carrying on business in multiple countries (i.e. love it or hate it, globalisation is irreversible)

(ii) Continued scope for legitimate tax planning and reduction

(iii) Cost-effectiveness of offshore companies compared to onshore companies

(iv) Less red tape and admin in respect of offshore companies than onshore companies, despite increased compliance paperwork for offshore companies

(v) Asset protection & estate planning,

(vi) Despite some dilution in privacy, offshore companies continue to offer significantly more privacy than onshore companies.


An Offshore Corporate Structure (capable of facilitating your privacy, investment, tax planning, succession planning and/or asset protection objectives as/if applicable) can certainly be tailored to your specific needs.


The key is to ensure you consult with an Experienced Professional Offshore Formation Specialist prior to committing to incorporate Offshore.

Shortcuts can be costly…






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