How to Open an Anonymous Offshore Forex Broker Account

If you’re wanting to open a Brokerage Account (eg to trade Forex) for your Offshore Company and you don’t want your name to appear anywhere in the Broker’s Records that can be facilitated. Here’s how:


  1. You should incorporate a tax free Offshore Company (IBC) with a (tax haven based) Nominee Director (which is a service that OCI Provides). Ideally that Company (IBC) should be incorporated in a country which does NOT have a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with your home country
  2. You should set up a Seychelles Foundation to hold the shares of your Company (because Seychelles law uniquely provides that that the legal AND beneficial owner of any Asset/Company owned by a Seychelles Foundation is the Foundation itself).
  3. You will be appointed in writing (via a Consultancy Agreement which we will provide) as the Company’s Authorised Trader or Trading Manager
  4. The Brokerage Account application will be signed by the Company Director and submitted to the Broker by your Offshore Corporate Service Provider (ie in the name of the Nominee Director) noting the shareholder of the Company (ie a/the Seychelles Foundation) as the beneficial owner of the Company
  5. The Director will be nominated as the authorised signatory/trader on the Company’s Brokerage Account
  6. Immediately the Brokerage Account is opened the Nominee Director will email you the log in codes enabling you to place the trades and authorise withdrawal of money.


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